Beauty Tip-Can I Return Makeup?

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can i return makeup1 Beauty Tip Can I Return Makeup?

The age old question, “Can I Return Makeup?” and the answer is YES!!! Depending on the retailer you have purchased the cosmetics from, you can return them with the reciept for a Full Refund.

I know this to be true for the following stores: Target, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Macy’s and Nordstrom. There could be other stores that have the same policies but these are a sure bet, for returning already used makeup.

My discovery came about from purchasing several Revlon lipsticks from Target. I have been on the hunt for the perfect plum lipcolor. So I purchased 3 lipsticks and when I arrived home and tried them on, I was not pleased. So in a panic, I set out on Google to find out if I was able to return my already used makeup.

There were mixed answers, some said yes you can and some said no. So the next morning, I called my local Target to ask “Can I Return Makeup?” and the associate said “Certainly, as long as I had my receipt”. So with no problem that day I went back to Target returned my lipsticks and recieved a Full Refund.

Tips on Returning Makeup:

1. Before Purchase, ask their return Makeup Policy – Asking this question will already give you the heads up to know if you want to follow through with your transaction knowing if you are able to return the makeup you purchased or not. (Do not forget the amount of days allotted for a return on the stores policy)

2. Always have your receipt – Having your receipt will ensure your return and your refund. Not having this will result in No Return.

Lastly, one might think “What Do They Do With The Used Makeup?”. They send it make to the manufactur to be reimbursed or if the return is not up to par, they will just Damage it.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing some new makeup in the future, just know at the right retailers if you are not happy with your purchase you CAN ALWAYS RETURN FOR A FULL REFUND!!!


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  • Kiwi™

    I return mine all the time, but that’s like MAC. I didn’t think drugstores returned makeup but good to know! Thank you!

  • Shonda

    Thanks for the helpful tip! I have been lucky enough to never have to return any makeup but I plan to try some drugstore foundations. It’s good to know that my store may let me return them. Good looking out! ;)

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