How To Shop Black Friday

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Can you believe that Black Friday is here again. I know, it seems as if it was just yesterday I was standing in the cold with a cup of warm coffee, waiting with all the other anxious patrons to get first dibs on the holiday season’s best deals. This year seems as if it has just flown by.

Shopping Black Friday 2 years in a row, here are some guaranteed tips to get the most out of your Black Friday shopping experience.

 How To Shop Black Friday

1. Check online for all Black Friday Sales Ads

Making sure you know what exactly is going to be on sale at which retailer is very important to make your experience count when shopping Black Friday., are just some of the Black Friday websites that list all the stores that are participating in Black Friday and what items are going to be on sale. This gives you a clear set plan of which stores you will be visiting on Black Friday.

2. Download Black Friday Apps to Save Time and Money

This year a lot of retailers have created apps on the market to make your Black Friday simpler and faster. You are able to look to your palm to get the on-site access to the deals that retailers are offering on Black Friday. Mashable has a great reference to a few Black Friday Apps that you can download.

3. Make a “GamePlan”

Make a list of retailers and items you will be shopping for this Black Friday. Having a list is “key” for being able to maneuver strategically with the best results when shopping. You are only one person, you are only able to be at one location at a time, so the better placement of the priority of what you want and where you want to be with make for a productive experience.

4. Check the time of store openings

Knowing when a retailer open is every beneficial. Surprisingly some stores will actually be open on Thanksgiving night. (Personally I think that is a little RIDICULOUS) But having all the store openings times, you will know where to be and at what time.

5. Bring cash (just in case)

You never know when compter systems when to take a “holiday” themselves and check out. So take some cash with you for those unexpected situations. At least if anything was to go down, you could speed along your shopping time by having cash and not having to wait for any system to come “back to life”.

6. Dress Warm

We all know that there are long lines and below freezing tempertures on Black Friday. So dressing warm will help you brave the agony of the cold air for those DoorBuster prices.

7. Have A Shopping Partner

I am a firm believer in having a shopping partner. Not only for safety but also to be another set of arms to snag certain deals. Four arms are better than Two. While someone is running the other person can be in tow the shopping cart.



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